Physician Compensation Valuations

Value beyond
the numbers.

In an environment subject to strict regulatory compliance and stiff financial penalties, it is imperative that physician compensation arrangements comply with fair market value and commercial reasonableness requirements of the Stark Law, the Anti-Kickback Statue, and all other regulations governing transactions in the healthcare industry.

Comprehensive Guidance

HMS Valuation Partners works with hospitals and healthcare systems to provide fair market value compensation opinions on all physician and non-physician specialties. Having worked solely within the healthcare industry for over 20 years, we’ve completed thousands of fair market value compensation opinions that have allowed healthcare entities to make value enhancing business decisions and stay compliant while mitigating risk. We have the experience and depth of knowledge to provide guidance in all forms of compensation arrangements, including merges & acquisitions, physician employment, ER call coverage, medical directorships, etc.

In-Depth Approach

We consider multiple approaches to value (Cost, Market, and Income Approaches) in each analysis and consider each of these within the context of the circumstances surrounding the transaction inclusive of the specific terms, stackable compensation items, production/financial performance, and any other unique factors involved. Our in-depth review of each of these approaches ensures our clients enter into economic transactions knowing the compensation terms meet the legal and regulatory scrutiny necessary to feel secure.


Valuation and Consulting Services in the following areas:

Physician(s) Employment Agreements

Foundation Group Model Agreements

Income Guarantee/Recruitment Agreements

Hourly Staffing/Employee Leasing

Medical Directorship Compensation

Professional Clinical Services (i.e., EKG Reads and other Diagnostic Services)

Graduate Medical Education Programs

Quality Incentive Programs

Telemedicine in multiple Specialties


Information Technology Services / Software Licensing

Retinopathy of Prematurity

Long-Term Acute Care / Hospice Services

Subspecialty Services (i.e., Sleep Lab and Kidney Dialysis Services)

Mental Health Assessments

Speakers Bureau / Finder's Fees

Other compensation transactions between DHS entities


For more information on these services, please contact one of our experts today:

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Partner—MBA, CVA